NEW WORK for Photography Dynamics Show at CAE in Van Buren, Arkansas


West Coast Artist. Deborah Griffin Pulls from her Mulberry Roots to Create Photo-based Artworks of Mystery and Whimsy.

The exhibit,  “Photographic Dynamics: Deborah, David and Dan” now showing at the Center for Art and Education at for the month of June 2013 features a number of Deborah Griffin’s artworks from a ten year journey of visual inquiry into the meaning of “home.”

June 7, 2013 OPENING for Exhibition

Exhibit runs June 7 through June 28, 2013

Read more about the exhibit here:

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Deborah Griffin and Leah Virsik Look at Memories: Convergence & Divergence show at Sun Gallery Hayward

Artwork: (L) Manhattan (detail) mixed-media ©2012 Leah Virsik  (R) The White Oak Schoolhouse mixed-media ©2012 Deborah Griffin

For Immediate Release:
Convergence & Divergence: Two Artists Look at Memories featuring the work of Leah Virsik and Deborah Griffin | October 10, 2012–November 10, 2012
Opening Reception November 3, 2012 | Hours: 1–3 p.m. in conjunction with the Día de los Muertos Exhibit
Sun Gallery (in the The Ken Cook Gallery) 1015 E Street, Hayward, CA 94541
Gallery hours: Wed.–Sat. 11 a.m.–5 p.m.
Contact: Deborah Griffin at 510-435-3806 or Leah Virsik at 510-418-9383

In this exhibit, Convergence & Divergence, Leah and Deborah bring together their distinct and individual imagery and in the juxtaposition discover areas that overlap in textures, shapes, colors and the medium of collage. The works diverge in elements of realism and abstraction and medium. Leah uses three dimensional sculpture and the book arts, and Deborah composes digital imagery and archetypal characters in surrealistic environments. You will observe found materials and deliberately upcycled items in Leah’s work, yet both use vintage materials, personal mementos and ephemera to create their vision. The exhibit has an overall continuity and invites the viewer’s participation in seeking the likenesses and differences as the artists examine memory and its underlying influence on their artistic creations.

I consider myself an artist and a storyteller, and attempt to combine the two into a visual narrative. I incorporate one of the oldest artist’s materials (encaustic) with some of the most recent (digital collage). The evocative surface texture combined with the vintage ephemera and my own photography of farm life and country landscape creates an image-story that hopefully resonates with those places of soul and history in everyone.
In addition, I use ephemera from the past and photographic elements both vintage and specifically taken for a project. With those elements I repurpose and reposition the people, places and things to tell a new story, to fashion a new narrative that explores archetypal characters and ideas utilizing a digital workflow as part of the process. The end result, whether an original digital print or an image manipulated then printed for inclusion in a collage or encaustic work, originates from my photography and becomes the form most appropriate for expressing my ideas. ~Deborah Griffin

As I create a work, I’m attempting to uncover a stifled sound, to visually express what I can not articulate. I collage using found and painted papers and they either come together as a finished work or they diverge into something new and unexpected like my paper stacks. These works include my own torn journal entries that I use as a way of making more meaningful and personal work. The act of tearing my written words and giving them new life reduces their preciousness and infuses my memories into what I create. My life and art converge as the paper stacks mirror the piles of paper in my office.  Yet these pieces show commitment and a focused effort of connecting seemingly disparate fragments to create pieces larger than myself. Through this work, I gain a greater understanding of myself. ~Leah Virsik

In addition, Leah Virsik will be teaching a Paper and Stitch Collage Class October 21, 2012 | 10:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. at the Sun Gallery, 1015 E Street, Hayward, CA 94541. For additional details visit: Total $100.00 per student includes some materials**. To sign up for the class contact Jacqueline Cooper, Director, Autobody Fine Art at 510.881.6974, or e-mail Jacqueline@autobodyfineart.comImage

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artist interview

from Anthropologie magazine

Much like Rebecca, I’ve always found inspiration in nature and my current body of work begins with a photograph of a childhood landscape that reminds me of walking through the woods, or more like playing for hours in woods much like these.

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Back to the place of beginnings…

I am here, in Arkansas, in my daughter’s studio beside a window with a view of the woods where I’ll walk later and gather images for my next post. This is the first week of the Great Experiment. Yesterday was my first day to work with clients on the Left Coast, while I am ensconced in Central Time. It made for a long day as we all were getting familiar with working with the time difference. I was up bright and early here, fingers poised over keys while everyone who I needed to interact with was still under the covers, and I was ready to toss in my hat and have dinner with Jenn and Nick around 7:00 pm and the Quitting Time whistle had not even gone off by the coast.

Hmmm…will need to adjust a bit. But the joy of helping Jenn decorate, choosing rugs and curtains and hanging art. Such warm and cuddly fun.

So it begins.

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